What’s the difference between brush DC and brushless DC motors?

All the mechanical appliances consist of electric motors of different types, something that can be a little confusing for people who are not used to this kind of terms, therefore, today we will explain to you all types of electric motors. The electric motors are rotating machines that are responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy through the action of the magnetic fields produced by their coils, such as brushless gear motor Kelvingear. They can be divided into three major groups: dc motors, ac motors and universal motors.

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Czech Republic returns to Eurovision

This has been confirmed by the EBU makes scant minutes. Jon Ola Sand, executive producer, has spoken to this news with the following statement: “We are very excited to have Czech Republic back in the Eurovision song contest after 5 years of absence, as the family of Eurovision will be even more complete for the 60th anniversary”,

For its part, Marketa Stinglova, a member of the international commission of Czech Television, has announced the following: “Czech television is happy to be back in this wonderful contest. After three performances in the previous years, we hope to offer Europe a high quality song”.

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